Shah Rukan e Alam

Shah Rukan e Alam is one of the autonomous towns of the city of Multan in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Shah Rukan e Alam
Location of Shah Rukan e Alam as shown within the map of Pakistan
Location of Shah Rukan e Alam as shown within the map of Pakistan
Shah Rukan e Alam
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 30°09′53″N 71°26′29″E / 30.164627°N 71.441451°E / 30.164627; 71.441451Coordinates: 30°09′53″N 71°26′29″E / 30.164627°N 71.441451°E / 30.164627; 71.441451
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Shah Rukhan e Alam and Shah Rukhan e Alam Colony both places are different.

This information related to Shah Rukhan e Alam Colony.

Rukn-e-Alam Colony has been developed in main city of multan which is connected to masoom shah road and Bypass road. Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony is self income scheme of MDA and launched in 1984.

Detail is as under:-

Sr.No. Name Area(in Acres) No. of Plots
1 Shah Rukhn-e- Alam (Phase I ) 170 2187
2 Shah Rukhn-e- Alam (Phase II) 440 5135
3 Shah Rukhn-e- Alam (Phase II ) 37 1176
Total 647 8498

All the 8490 residential plots have been disposed off. Development works including water supply, sewerage and roads have been completed. [1]

This is one of the expensive area in Multan after Multan Cantt. In this area every accommodation is available just like parks, schools, hospitals and restaurants. Now there is also an easy transportation facility available after the completion of Metro project. Overall in this area Crime rate and terrorist rate is approximately is 0-1%. Near of this Colony Multan Stadium is also suited so come back of International Cricket in Pakistan there is also a lot of chances rates of plots will be significantly increases. Now Pearl Continental also have plan to make Hotel in Multan but they don't announce the area.