2015 Seychellois presidential election

Presidential elections were held in Seychelles between 3 and 5 December 2015. As no candidate received more than 50% of the vote in the first round, a second round was held between 16 and 18 December.[1] Incumbent President James Michel was re-elected, defeating opposition leader Wavel Ramkalawan by just 193 votes in the second round. Ramkalawan claimed there had been "many irregularities", including vote buying.[2]

2015 Seychellois presidential election

← 2011 3–5 December 2015 (first round)
16–18 December 2015 (second round)
2020 →
Turnout87.40% (first round)
90.06% (second round)
  James Michel 2014.png Wavel Ramkalawan, August 2015 (cropped).jpg
Nominee James Michel Wavel Ramkalawan
Party People's Party SNP
Popular vote 31,512 31,319
Percentage 50.15% 49.85%

President before election

James Michel
People's Party

Elected President

James Michel
People's Party


The elections were initially scheduled to take place between 19 and 21 November 2015, but were moved "to give more time to political parties to prepare for the elections".[3]


The official nomination process closed on 11 November 2015. In October 2015 incumbent President James Michel of the People's Party announced his intention to run for re-election for a third and final term. Since the re-introduction of democracy in 1993,[4] candidates from the People's Party have won all presidential and parliamentary elections in Seychelles.[3]

Alexia Amesbury, leader of the Seychelles Party for Social Justice and Democracy, was the first woman to contest a presidential election in Seychelles.[1]


Michel fell short of a majority in the first round, receiving about 48% of the vote, and therefore a second round was required. The second place candidate, long-time opposition leader Wavel Ramkalawan, received the support of third place candidate Patrick Pillay for the second round.[5]

Michel won the second round by a very small margin, beating Ramkalawan by only 193 votes, according to results announced by the electoral commission on 19 December 2015. Ramkalawan disputed the results and requested a recount. Michel was sworn in on 20 December.[6]

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
James Michel People's Party 28,911 47.76 31,512 50.15
Wavel Ramkalawan Seychelles National Party 21,391 35.33 31,319 49.85
Patrick Pillay Lalyans Seselwa 8,593 14.19
Alexia Amesbury Seychelles Party for Social Justice and Democracy 832 1.37
Philippe Boullé Independent 411 0.68
David Pierre Popular Democratic Movement 400 0.66
Invalid/blank votes 1,466 1,062
Total 62,004 100 63,893 100
Registered voters/turnout 70,943 87.40 70,943 90.06
Source: ECS