The Pinnacles (Atherton Tableland)

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The Pinnacles (aka the Seven Sisters) are a series of seven volcanic cinder cones on the Atherton Tableland, near Yungaburra, Queensland, Australia. They were formed more than 350 000 years ago.[2]

The Pinnacles (Atherton Tableland)[1]
Seven Sisters
Aerial view of the Seven Sisters, Atherton Tableland looking to the south-west
Aerial view of The Pinnacles, Atherton Tableland, looking to the southwest
Coordinates17°16′00″S 145°33′00″E / 17.26667°S 145.55000°E / -17.26667; 145.55000Coordinates: 17°16′00″S 145°33′00″E / 17.26667°S 145.55000°E / -17.26667; 145.55000

The vents have an overall southwest-northeast alignment, which suggests that the ascending magma utilised a pre-existing fracture within the earth's crust.[3] Several of the craters are breached to the southeast, possibly due to the prevailing southeast winds blowing ash and scoria to the northwest and so building the cones more to that side. Parts of the rocky basalt flows are still densely forested and can be seen surrounding the Curtain Fig Tree.

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