Seduction (play)

Seduction is a play by Jack Heifner. It is an all male, gay adaptation of the 1897 play La Ronde (or Reigen) by Arthur Schnitzler.

The encounters closely follow those of Schnitzler's play, with the following sequence:

  1. The Sex Worker and the Sailor
  2. The Sailor and the Gardner (the Parlor Maid, originally the third partner in La Ronde, has her day off)
  3. The Gardner and the Young Gentleman
  4. The Young Gentleman and the Professor
  5. The Professor and His Partner
  6. The Partner and the Dim-Witted Teen
  7. The Dim-Witted Teen and the Playwright
  8. The Playwright and the Actor
  9. The Actor and the Movie Producer
  10. The Movie Producer and the Sex Worker