Secreto de amor

Secreto de Amor (Secret of Love) is an American telenovela produced by Venevisión International in 2001. The telenovela was filmed in Miami, Florida and it starred Scarlet Ortiz and Jorge Aravena as the main protagonists while Colombian actress Aura Cristina Geithner and Venezuelan actress Astrid Gruber starred as the main antagonists.[2]

Secreto de amor
Created byAlberto Gómez
Written byOmaira Rivero
Directed byLuis Sánchez
Yaky Ortega
StarringScarlet Ortiz
Jorge Aravena
Aura Cristina Geithner
Jorge Luis Pila
Astrid Gruber
Opening theme"Secreto de Amor" by Joan Sebastian
Ending theme"Secreto de Amor" by Joan Sebastian
Country of originVenezuela
United States
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes151[1]
Executive producerAlfredo Schwarz
Production locationMiami
CinematographyEduardo Dávila
Reinaldo Figueira
Running time45 minutes
Production companyVenevisión
DistributorVenevisión International
Original networkVenevisión
Original releaseJuly 24, 2001 (2001-07-24) –
February 12, 2002 (2002-02-12)
Preceded byLa Revancha
Followed byGata Salvaje


Maria Clara Carvajal is a beautiful, modern girl who works hard in order to support her ailing mother and younger sister. She is in love with Carlos Raúl, a young mechanic. Despite their poor financial situation, they are prepared to get married. however, their plans will not be realized when Carlos Raúl is fired from his job, and decides to move to Miami to seek a better life just a few days before their wedding. Maria Clara promises to wait for Carlos Raul while he looks for a good job in the United States.

In Miami, Carlos Raúl begins to work as a valet in a luxurious hotel owned by the wealthy Serrano Zulbarán family. Here she meets Barbara Serrano Zulbarán, one of the family heirs. Barbara is instantly attracted to Carlos, and they begin a passionate affair. Carlos Raúl is attracted by Barbara's beauty and wealth, and he forgets all about Maria Clara.

Meanwhile, in Caracas, Maria Clara's mother dies, and pressured by her ambitious sister Andrea, she moves to Miami together with her god-mother Coralia. Within a short time, she discovers Carlos Raúl's deception. After a while, Maria Clara meets Lisandro, Barbara's handsome widower brother who is captivated by her beauty and kindness. Through several circumstances, Maria Clara marries Lisandro even though she doesn't love him. With both Maria Clara and Carlos Raúl stuck in loveless marriages, will they still be able to revive the love they once felt for each other?[3][4]


Actor Character Description
Scarlet Ortiz Maria Clara Roldan Carvajal Adopted sister of Andrea, Coralia's god-daughter, biological sister of Yesenia Federica and Silvana (death), Lisandro's former wife, Teresita's mother.
Jorge Aravena Carlos Raúl Fonseca Barbara's husband, Lisandro's brother-in-law, Teresita's father, in love with Maria Clara
Aura Cristina Geithner Bárbara Serrano Zulbarán Main Villain, Lisandro's sister, Vilma's cousin, Carlos Raúl's wife, Braulio's and Ricardo's lover. Order's kidnapping of Teresita. Kills Larry. Ends up in a mental asylum.
Astrid Gruber Vilma Altamirano Santana Villain, later good, Lisandro's and Barbara's evil cousin, Amado's lover, hides her grandmother's pills to induce her heart attack. Killed by a psycho.
Jorge Luis Pila Lisandro Serrano Zulbarán Barbara's brother, Vilma's cousin, Maria Clara's ex-husband, Teresita's adopted father.
Carla Ortiz Andrea Carvajal Villain, later good, Teresa and Erasmo's daughter, Maria Clara's adopted sister, Coralia's god-daughter, in love with Dr. Ricardo.
Yul Bürkle Braulio Viloria Villain, later good, Barbara's former lover and accomplice, Victoria's son, Reinaldo's brother, Pierina's lover, Yesenia and Maria Clara's brother-in-law
Anna Silvetti Victoria Viloria Villain, later good, Gym owner and socialite, Braulio's and Reinaldo's mother, Luciano's lover, Erasmo's friend.
Lino Ferrer Florencio Gordoño Carlos Raúl's friend, owner of a diner, Luna's boyfriend.
Griselda Noguera Prudencia Santana de Serrano Zulbarán Matriarch of the Serrano Zulbarán family, Lisandro, Barbara and Vilma's grandmother, makes Maria Clara her heir. Dies of a heart attack caused by Barbara and Vilma.
Yadira Santana Coralia Hernandez Maria Clara's and Andrea's dedicated god-mother, Erasmo's future wife.
Sandro Fignoio Luciano Ibañez Pierina's ex-husband, Victoria's younger lover, gym instructor.
Adriana Cataño Elisa Ferrer Villain, Erasmo's niece, Amado's lover. Ends up in prison for slashing Andrea's face.
Hans Christopher Amado Cáceres Villain, Victoria's chauffeur, Vilma and Elisa's lover. Goes to jail for attempting to rape Maria Clara.
Claudia Reyes Melisa Padilla Villain, Barbara's friend, hates Lluvia, obsessed with Reinaldo, frames Lluvia for Alexander's attempted murder. Run over by Alexander.
Humberto Rossenfeld Reinaldo Viloria Victoria's son, Braulio's brother, trained lawyer, in love with Lluvia.
Zurich Valera Natalia Diaz Maid at the Serrano Zulbarán mansion, Maria Clara's friend.
Reinaldo Cruz Erasmo Ferrer Andrea's biological father, Elisa's uncle, Victoria's friend.
Annette Vega Luna Maid at the Serrano Zulbarán hotels, Florencio's girlfriend.
Luis Masias Alexander Rios Villain, Braulio's friend, raped Lluvia and killed Melisa. Goes to jail.
Yina Velez Ines Lara Maid at the Serrano Zulbarán mansion , Marianito's mother
Carlos Mesber Alfonso Bellboy at the Serrano Zulbarán hotels.
Lisbeth Manrique Lluvia Maria Clara's friend, Ines' god-daughter, raped by Alexander, framed for his attempted murder, in love with Reinaldo.
Ariel Lopez Padilla Dr. Ricardo Sandoval Villain, later good, Lisandro's friend, Maria Clara's former fiancee, Barbara's lover, married to Andrea.
Astrid Carolina Herrera Yesenia Roldan Maria Clara's biological sister, Carlos Raul's friend, Braulio's sister-in-law, in love with Lisandro.
Ana Karina Casanova Erica Carlos Raul's girlfriend.
Gabriela Orúe-Paz Friend in Caracas Friend of Maria Clara's Mother and nurse in Miami Hospital.
Estefania Briceño Danielita/Teresita Daughter of Maria Clara and Carlos Raul She played the lost daughter of the couple.

International BroadcastingsEdit

Country Network Local title Series premiere Timeslot Episodes
  Kenya NTV Secreto de Amor 2004 20:00 - 21:00 151
  Somaliland Horn Cable Television Maariya Kalaara October 20, 2007 19:00 380


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