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Asia minor 400AD

Sala or Salena is a suppressed, vacant and titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.[1]



The town of Sala is identifiable with Kepecik in today's west Turkey, but in antiquity was an ancient episcopal see of the Roman province of Lydia in Asia Minor. It was part of the Patriarchate of Constantinople during Byzantine times and was suffragan of ' Archdiocese of Sardis

Sala is not mentioned by Michel Le Quien in his work Oriens Christianus[2] but a bishop Stephen is recorded in the episcopal lists of the second Second Council of Nicaea.[3]

Sala survives today as titular bishop; the seat has been vacant since 27 January 1962.[4][5]

known bishopsEdit

Ancient bishopsEdit

  • Noumenius
  • Anatolius fl458[6]
  • Stephen fl787

Titular Catholic bishopsEdit


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