Saint Louis University Laboratory High School

Saint Louis University-Laboratory High School is the high school unit of Saint Louis University, a private, Roman Catholic, CICM university located in Baguio City, Philippines. The school is located at Navy Base Road, Baguio City; it was originally at the Gonzaga campus.

Saint Louis University
Laboratory High School
SLU LHS logo.png
Carlo M. Recto St., Navy Base Rd., Saint Joseph Village, Baguio City, Philippines
Former nameBoy's High School
TypePrivate, Roman Catholic
PrincipalRomeo E. Javier, Ed.D
(Senior High)
Marilyn L. Balmeo, Ph.D
(Junior High)
Assistant PrincipalMaricris U. Tolentino
(Senior High)
Dr. Joselito Gutierrez
(Junior High)
Number of students3000+
Color(s)White and Blue

The school started operations in 1921; the first graduating class was that of 1929, the school was closed during World War II, and reopened in 1946.


Saint Louis University Laboratory High School is currently housed at the Navy Base Campus of Saint Louis University. It consists of the Charles Peters Building (including Annex 1 & 2) & Jan Van Bauwel Building (Junior High Campus) and Gerard Decaestecker Building (Senior High Campus).

This campus includes the following:

  • Chapel in Charles Peters Building
  • Chapel in Gerard Decaestecker Building
  • Medical and Dental Clinics
  • SLU LHS Library
  • Institute for Inclusive Education
  • School of Teacher Education Library
  • Audio Visual Room: Gerard Decaestecker Building
  • Conference Rooms/Meeting Rooms: Gerard Decaestecker Building
  • Dance Studio
  • Canteens: in Charles Peters Building, Jan Van Bauwel Building, and in Decaestecker Building
  • Gerard Decaestecker Function Hall
  • Covered Court
  • Security Office


Early principals were members of the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae. The more recent of them were

  • Fr. John Van Bauwel, CICM, 1952–54
  • Fr. Wilfred Deturck, CICM, 1954–57
  • Fr. Joseph Herpels, CICM, 1957–58
  • Fr. James Termeer, CICM, 1958–60
  • Fr. Alfredo Spincemaille, CICM, 1960–63
  • Fr. Albert Depre, CICM, 1963–64
  • Fr. Wilfred Deturck, CICM, 1964-63
  • Fr. Gaston Nollet, CICM, 1966–68
  • Fr. Hubert Dupont, CICM, 1968–70
  • Fr. Joseph Van den Daelen, CICM, 1970–71

Beginning in 1971, they have been selected from outside the order:

  • Mr. Liberato A. Mayo, 1971–77
  • Mrs. Caridad Trinidad, 1977–80
  • Dr. Thelma R. Leal, 1980–89
  • Mr. Ernesto Azarcon, 1989–91
  • Ms. Lourdes Lucero, 1991–94
  • Mr. Francisco Castillo, 1994–97
  • Dr. Edmundo Ceniza, 1997–98
  • Atty. Rolando dela Cruz, 1998-2004
  • Mrs. Ria Francis A. Robles, 2004-2009
  • Mr. Francisco T. Agoot, 2009-2010
  • Dr. Joel Cabanilla, 2010-2012
  • Mr. Ronaldo Pontanosa, 2012–2017
  • Fr. Macwayne Maniwang, CICM, PhD, 2017-2019 (Junior High)
  • Dr. Romeo Javier, 2017–present (Senior High)
  • Ms. Marilyn L. Balmeo, PhD, 2019–present (Junior High)

Admission PolicyEdit

The school is open to residents of Baguio City and the suburbs. As a Catholic school, Non-Catholics are admitted provided they participate in all religious activities required of the students. Dependents of Saint Louis University employees are given priority for admission. And formerly, they are exclusively all-male. But recent years, accepting female students too.

Color CodesEdit

Each grade level (except grade 11 & 12) have a unique patch with the logo of Saint Louis University on their uniforms. The patch color corresponds to their grade levels.

Grade Level Corresponding Color
Grade 7  Yellow 
Grade 8  Navy Blue 
Grade 9  Green 
Grade 10  Red 
Grade 11 & 12 STEM  Green  (diamond logo in patch)
Grade 11 & 12 ABM  Yellow  (diamond logo in patch)
Grade 11 & 12 HUMSS  Navy Blue  (diamond logo in patch)

Campus ministryEdit

SLU-LJHS Campus Ministry

               The core identity of Saint Louis University lies on the fact that it is a CICM Catholic Institution bearing the mission entrusted by Jesus, that is to proclaim and witness to the Reign of God through love and service to others. How the CICM schools respond to this mission varies but what is unique among them is the existence of the Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity. “It is responsible for safeguarding and ensuring CICM educational institutions to faithfully carry out its missionary identity and tasks” (CICM Christian Formation Manual). Thus, the presence of the Campus Ministry becomes an essential and officially recognized component of the missionary tasks not only of the CICM but of the whole Church.

CICM Campus Ministry focuses on Christian formation. It is concerned with how the whole school community, will have a “living encounter with Jesus on campus” through the different ministries of the Church: Ministry of the Word, including evangelization, catechesis, guidance and education; the Ministry of worship; and the ministry of healing (Fourth Synod of Manila, p.92). The goal of Christian formation is achieved through the combined efforts of the school administrators, personnel, students and all other stakeholders under the guidance of the office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity (VPMI). Thus, a whole year-round of Christian presence is felt through various activities which are planned and implemented, hoping that the visions and the values of Christian living are attained and lived out.

Here is a list of the yearly activities of the Campus Ministry:

1.      Eucharistic Celebrations

  • Weekly Masses
  • Mass for Special Occasions: Mass of the Holy Spirit, Foundation Day, Advent, Sacrament of Confirmation, Family Day, Ash Wednesday, Intramurals, Year End, Recognition & Completion Day and others

2.      Prayer Services

  • Bible Enthronement, Feast Days, Living Rosary, etc.

3.      Recollections

4.      Bible Quiz competitions

  • St. Paul National Bible Quiz
  • CICM Meet

5.      Youth Camp

6.      Training and Seminars for Volunteers

7.      Formation Sessions

  •  Bible Sharing or Faith sharing

8.      Social Involvement Activities

  • Volunteers join the activities with the different clubs headed by the Community extension officer

Past Junior High Campus Ministers:

  • Mr. Roy D. Sison
  • Mrs. Brigitte Awisan
  • Mrs. Filipinas Z. Endrano
  • Current: Mr. Ivan Manongsong
    Saint Louis University Laboratory High School
    Saint Louis University Laboratory High School Campus Ministry
    Campus Ministry
    ParishSaint Aloysius de Gonzaga Parish
    DioceseRoman Catholic Diocese of Baguio
    Music group(s)Glee Club
    SacristanCampus Mission Volunteers
    Liturgy and Vocation Clubformerly


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