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SC Eendracht Aalst is a Belgian football club based in Aalst, East Flanders.

Eendracht Aalst
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Full nameSportclub
Eendracht Aalst
Nickname(s)De Ajuinen (The Onions), Den Iendracht
Founded25 June 1919
GroundPierre Cornelisstadion,
ChairmanFrank De Roose
ManagerYannick Van Aken
CoachRegi Van Acker
LeagueBelgian Second Amateur Division
2019–20Belgian First Amateur Division, 15th (relegated)


During World War I, citizens from Aalst played football matches to raise money for prisoners of war. In 1919 Sport-Club Eendracht Aalst became an official football team. After some friendly games in 1923, SC Eendracht Aalst joined the regional competition. They quickly moved their way up through the regional divisions and after moving the stadium to the current location in 1928, the team made it into the national competition in 1932. Only seven years later, in 1939, Aalst were promoted to the Eredivisie (the current Belgian Pro League). Due to the second World War competition was not played for two years, so it wasn't until 1942 Aalst finished its first season in the Eredivisie. In 1946 the chairman died and it was decided to rename the stadium to honour him, from then on it was called the Pierre Cornelis Stadium. That year was the beginning of a very dark period for Eendracht Aalst. Due to changes in the competition format, they were forced into relegation. After this they played in the lower division for more than 30 years. In 1960 they managed to get back into the Eredivisie, but in 1962 they ended last and were relegated again. In 1965, after a bribery affair, Aalst was relegated to the lowest national division. In 1977 they made it back into the second division, with Paul Van Himst in the team. In 1994 the team finally joined the first division again. Jan Ceulemans (manager), Godwin Okpara and Gilles De Bilde were some of the most important factors towards success. In 1995 a new climax was reached when they were allowed to enter the European competition and even survived the first round against Levski Sofia.

It changed its name in 2002 after former Belgian First Division club K.S.C. Eendracht Aalst had gone into liquidation. So they could not get the license and the new team began at the third division level. They played the next two seasons in second division (2003–2005) and are now back to the third division and they are at the 3rd place. While the 2004–05 championship was over, the club needed to know if first division side F.C. Brussels and second division side R.E. Virton were to receive the professional football license to know where they would play next season. Indeed, while 17th K. Patro Maasmechelen had no license, they were obviously relegated. So if one of the two submentionned clubs were refused the license, Aalst would have had played the third division playoffs while if they were both refused the license, Aalst would have remained in second division. Finally, both clubs did receive it so the team was relegated. In 2011, the name of the team got changed back to S.C. Eendracht Aalst. They've also requested to change the name back to the former K.S.C. Eendracht Aalst, which will be possible in 2012, if they receive good advice from the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA).


The Pierre Cornelisstadion is located in Bredestraat, Aalst, near the city center. The Stadium has a capacity of 4,500.[2] It was built in the early 1930s.


UEFA cup historyEdit

Season Competition Round Country Club Home Away Aggregate
1995/96 UEFA Cup 1   Levski Sofia 1–0[3] 2–1[3] 3–1
2   Roma 0–0[4] 0–4[4] 0–4

Current squadEdit

As of 25 January 2018

Number Name Date of birth Nationality
1 Kevin Van Den Noortgaete 14/07/1986  
25 Julien De Vriendt 25/11/1998  
26 Gillian Dewit 04/10/1996  
3 Arno Claeys 05/04/1994  
5 Kevin Ntika 24/07/1995  
13 Jelle Geenens 13/08/1997  
15 Joran Van Belle 25/02/1998  
16 Jordy Verstraeten 09/01/1996  
18 Falko Geenens 08/04/1995  
21 Jan Mertens 12/01/1995  
24 Ridwan Gyselinck 11/06/1994  
27 Jonas Heymans 06/02/1993  
NA Kenny Van Hoevelen 24/06/1983  
4 Jilke Deconinck 09/01/1995  
6 Brian Marmitte 26/02/1998  
8 Seydina Diarra 01/04/1994  
10 Wannes Van Tricht 13/11/1993  
17 Preben De Man 27/09/1996  
20 Boris Van Gysegem 24/03/1998  
22 Jordy De Koker 29/09/1998  
23 Gianni De Neve 25/07/1994  
7 Bigen Yala Lusala 20/10/1992  
9 Yentl Egerickx 09/03/2000  
11 Cédric Mitu 14/01/1995  
14 Klaas De Rock 26/09/1993  
19 Yadi Bangoura 30/06/1996  

Previous trainersEdit

Women footballEdit

The female team of Eendracht Aalst plays currently in the Super League.[5] and played his homematches in the Jeugdcentrum Zandberg.[6]


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