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The Rustic Inn was established in 1955 by Henry Oreal[1] and his brother-in-law Burton Wayne McDonald.[2]

The history of this Fort Lauderdale family-owned landmark goes back over 50 years to the early days of sight-seeing boats and Seminole Indians wrestling gators. They also featured a beer drinking pig. Patrons included Arthur Godfrey, Frances Langford, Ginny Simms and Ralph Evinrude.

The Rustic Inn Crabhouse began as a roadhouse saloon. Over time the hole-in-the-wall grew, keeping with the demand for steamed crabs. It was a customer that tasted a crab cooked in the owner's secret family recipe, a taste that would become the signature World Famous Garlic Crabs.

The Rustic Inn now features waterfront dining on a dock. The establishment also has a barge, cocktail lounge, and dining room.


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