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Ron Tutt (born March 12, 1938) is an American drummer who played concerts and recording sessions for a variety of rock artists from Elvis Presley to the Carpenters to Roy Orbison to Jerry Garcia.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Born in Dallas, Texas, Tutt is a native Texan and was involved with music and performing arts for most of his childhood.[1] As a child, he played the violin, trumpet, drums, ukulele, and banjo. Tutt spent his early days playing the banjo in Rusty Brown's Cell Block 7 Dixieland Jazz band (based out of Dallas).

TCB BandEdit

Tutt auditioned for the TCB Band ("Taking Care of Business"), the Elvis Presley touring and recording band, upon the recommendation of TCB keyboardist Larry Muhoberac.

Jerry Garcia BandEdit

Around early 1974 Tutt began recording and touring with the Jerry Garcia Band, and also Jerry Garcia's and Merl Saunders' brief Legion of Mary (band).[2][3] Starting with Garcia's studio album Compliments (1974), Tutt played drums for the Jerry Garcia Band for four years before moving on. During this time, Tutt also played drums on Garcia's studio albums Reflections (1976), and Cats Under The Stars (1978). In 1982, however, Tutt returned to the studio with Jerry Garcia to help record Run For the Roses.

Neil Diamond BandEdit

After the TCB Band disbanded upon Elvis Presley's death and a number of years recording and touring in 1974-78 with Jerry Garcia, Tutt was invited by Neil Diamond to become Diamond's permanent concert and recording session drummer.


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