Riihimäki glass

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20-centilitre tumblers from Riihimäen Lasi's 'Domina' series.

Riihimäki glass (Finnish: Riihimäen lasi) was a reputed glass company in Riihimäki, Finland, in operation from 1910,[1] when it was founded by Mikko Adolf Kolehmainen, to 1990.[2] Their production ranged from basic to high quality[3] glass ornaments, which are now sought after as collectibles, especially some of their vases. Riihimäki products are readily available via collectors' web sites, as are their values.

It produced everyday glassware and art glass until 1976 and cut glass until 1977. After that, it made only glass and plastic packaging. Ahlstrom Corporation purchased the company in 1980, and closed the Riihimäki plant in 1990.

Among the acclaimed designers associated with Riihimäki in its early decades were Henry Ericsson, Arttu Brummer, Gunnel Nyman, and after 1945, Tamara Aladin, Greta-Lisa Jäderholm-Snellman, Aimo Okkolin, Sakari Pykälä, Timo Sarpaneva, Erkkitapio Siiroinen, Nanny Still, and Helena Tynell.


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