Ricoh GR film cameras

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The Ricoh GR was a series of point-and-shoot, or compact, 35 mm film cameras made by Ricoh. The chronological list of these cameras are the GR1, GR10, GR1s, GR1v and GR21. The GR name was also used for Ricoh's GR series of digital cameras.

The cameras had a very high quality[1] 1:2.8 28 mm lens. Exposure control could be program automatic or aperture priority semi-automatic. They had a built-in flash and date imprinting versions were also available.

Ricoh GR film camerasEdit

Ricoh GR film cameras
Name Image Audience Year released Lens Weight Notes
GR1   professional 1996 28 mm f/2.8 175 g (6.2 oz) It received the 1997 TIPA award for best 35 mm Compact Camera.[2] British conflict photographer Philip Jones Griffiths owned and used a GR1.
GR1s 1997 GR1s and GR1v have improved optical coatings for better flare resistance.
GR1s DATE Date imprinting
GR1v 2001 GR1v has multiple SNAP distances and manual ISO selection. GR1s and GR1v have improved optical coatings for better flare resistance. Japanese street photographer Daido Moriyama is known to have used the GR1v.[3]
GR1v DATE Date imprinting
GR21 21mm f/3.5 (9 elements in 6 groups) 200 g (7.1 oz)
GR10[4] consumer 1998 28 mm F/2.8 (7 elements in 4 groups) 170 g (6.0 oz) Date imprinting

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