Reginald Crawford (died 1307)

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Sir Reginald Crawford (died 17 February 1307) was a Scottish knight who took part in the Wars of Scottish Independence.

Arms of Reginald Crawford. Gules, a fess ermine

In 1296 he was appointed as Sheriff of Ayr by the English administration.[1] In June 1297 he was one of several Scots nobles who did a deal where they were released by the English to fight against Andrew Moray.[2] This suggests that he may have taken part in the revolt in early 1297 which ended in the capitulation at Irvine.

He became a supporter of Robert the Bruce and was captured during the Battle of Loch Ryan in February 1307. He was executed by hanging in Carlisle, England.[2]

He may have been related to the Ronald Crawford who was hanged at the Barns of Ayr, but this issue is surrounded by uncertainty and later legend.


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