Radwan (Bishop of Poznan)

Radwan bishop of Poznań (died 1172) was Bishop of Poznan probably in the years 1164 to 1172.[1]

He probably came from the Radwanów family. In 1153 he was certified as the chancellor of Prince Mieszko III Stary in the foundation privilege of the Łekno Abbey.

He was made Poznań Bishop, on May 6, 1170, and together with Prince Mieszko, he founded a hospice at the Church of Saint Michael the Archangel in Poznan, which in 1187 was given to the Knights of Saint John. This foundation is mentioned in the document of his successor Benedict (c. 1192) and Jan Długosz in his Annals.

According to Rocznik Lubinski, Radwan assumed the Poznań bishopric until 1172 as the successor of Cherubino, but at present it is believed that the order of these two bishops was mistaken in the Yearbook.


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