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Radio 3 is a Spanish free-to-air radio station owned and operated by Radio Nacional de España (RNE), the radio division of state-owned public broadcaster Radiotelevisión Española (RTVE). It is the corporation's third radio station, and is known for broadcasting indie, alternative, hip hop and dance music.

Radio 3
"radio 3", in lowercase red letters.
Logo used since 2012
  • Spain
Broadcast areaSpain Spain (FM, DAB, DVB-T and Satellite)
Andorra Andorra
FormatNon-mainstream contemporary music and cultural programs
OperatorTomás Fernando Flores (director since 2012)
Radio Nacional
Radio Clásica
Ràdio 4
Radio 5
Radio Exterior
First air date
12 October 1952; 71 years ago (12 October 1952) (Programa Cultural de RNE en OM)
1 July 1979; 45 years ago (1 July 1979) (programming block)
1981; 43 years ago (1981) (nationwide launch)
Former names
El Tercer Programa (1967–81)
WebcastListen live, rtve play radio

Radio 3 traces its origins to the Programa Cultural de RNE en OM which was originally launched on 12 October 1952 as a cultural radio station broadcasting only in Madrid and surrounding areas. In 1967, the Programa Cultural was renamed as "El Tercer Programa" (The Third Programme) and began to cooperate with Segundo Programa de RNE on certain programming. Radio 3 later came into being as a nighttime programming block of El Tercer Programa in 1979 and was then renamed as such in 1981, when a new nationwide radio station was created from the ashes of the old El Tercer Programa. It attracts half a million listeners per week.

Its output mostly centres on indie, alternative, hip hop and dance music that is outside the mainstream scene and the top 40 charts. Additionally, Radio 3 airs other music genres that does not air on commercial radio such as Spanish folk music, flamenco, hip hop, jazz, country, blues, Brazilian music, heavy metal, and new-age music.



Besides music, Radio 3 also features serialised radio drama and collects news from different cultural expressions: literature, film, theater and visual arts, always highlighting and supporting the most innovative and restless in each discipline.

Radio 3's programming is split roughly 70% specialist music and 30% culture-based shows. Hosts have complete autonomy over content and the station does not have any playlists. As such, the nature of Radio 3 broadcasts varies wildly depending on the time of the week.

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