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RABad (ראב״ד, pronounced also Raavad, Ravad or Raivid) is a Hebrew acronym which most commonly refers to Rabbi Abraham Ben David, or the RABaD III. There are three rabbis and scholars referred to by this acronym:

  • Rabbi Abraham ibn Daud, the first RABaD, a Spanish-Jewish philosopher and historian
  • Rabbi Abraham ben Isaac of Narbonne the Eshkol, called RABad II, being an acronym for Rav Av Beth Din
  • Rabbi Abraham ben David of Posquières, called RABaD III, a son-in-law of the former

Other usesEdit

  • RABaD or Ravad, the head of any Rabbinical court, being an acronym for Rosh Beth Din
  • Rábade or "San Vicenzo de Rábade", a town in the northwest of Spain in the province of Lugo