Norske Talenter (series 2)

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The 2009 series of Norske Talenter was the first series of this television programme. It began airing on TV 2 February 13, 2009 with audition in Bergen, and the live final was held May 8, 2009. The winners this season, was the hip hop dance crew Quick Style at the ages 17–18. Runner-up became 14-year-old classical singer Lydia Hoen Tjore and 6-year old magician Brian Aksnes Hoseth finished in third place.

Norske Talenter
Season 2
Broadcast fromFebruary 13 –
May 8, 2009
JudgesJan Fredrik Karlsen
Mia Gundersen
Thomas Giertsen
Host(s)Pia Lykke
Sturla Berg-Johansen
BroadcasterTV 2
Genre(s)Hip hop dance
Lydia Hoen Tjore

Judges and hostsEdit


Dates auditions were sent on TV:

  • February 13 (Bergen): Absence & Blipp
  • February 20 (Bergen): Lydia Hoen Tjore, René Skar
  • February 27 (Oslo): Quick, Sebastian James Hekneby
  • March 6 (Oslo): Røa Eldresenter
  • March 13 (Trondheim): Aaro Petrus Kontio, Håkon Ricardo
  • March 20 (Trondheim): Brian Aksnes Hoseth


Key      Winner      Runner Up      Third Place      Finalist      Semi-finalist (lost judges' vote)/2nd-3rd place wild cards
Name of Act Age(s) Genre Act From Semi Position Reached
Aaro Petrus Kontio 24 Circus Act Diabolo Finland 4 Finalist
Absence & Blipp 18-24 Dancing Breakdancing & Beatboxing Bergen 1 Finalist
Alexander Haugaas 16 Magic Card Tricking Oslo 2 Semi-finalist
Arez Mehraban 22 Balance Hand Balance Trondheim 5 Wild card (auditioner)
Baard Kolstad 17 Instrumental Drumming Oslo 3/5 Wild card (semi-finalist)
Bergens Munnspillorkester Music Harmonica & Singing Bergen 2 Semi-finalist
Bjørn-Erik Ulvatne 18 Singing Singing Os 2 Semi-finalist
Brian Aksnes Hoseth 6 Magic Magic Verdal 1 3rd Place
Christer & Pål 19/21 Comedy Impersonation/Comedy/Acting Trondheim 4 Semi-finalist
Cre-8 Dancing Hip Hop Dancing Oslo 2/5 Wild card (semi-finalist)
Diem Tran 14 Instrumental Piano Playing Bergen 2 Semi-finalist
Eirik Gjendemsjø 13 Singing Singing Slependen 4 Semi-finalist
Henrik Nordin 11 Dancing Locking/Popping Dancing Bergen 3 Semi-finalist
Håkon Ricardo Storstadmo 14 Singing Opera Singing Vukku 3 Finalist
Ingve Connolly Gran 24 Comedy Impersonation Stavanger 1/5 Wild card (semi-finalist)
Jan Anders Presthus 8 Dancing Tap Dancing Stord 4 Semi-finalist
Jan Are Sæther 20 Circus Act Drilling Trondheim 1 Semi-finalist
John Chen 16 Instrumental Piano Playing Oslo 4 Semi-finalist
John Stistrup 22 Dancing Michael Jackson Dancing Sweden 5 Wild card (auditioner)
Lene Hosøy 20 Singing Singing & Guitar Osterøy 1 Semi-finalist
Little Superstars 6-9 Dancing Indian Dancing Trondheim 2 Semi-finalist
Lydia Hoen Tjore 14 Singing Classical Singing Radøy 3/5 Runner-up
(semi-finalist lost judges' vote, wild card)
Mâret Hildur Stueng 16 Singing Yoiking Sápmi 1 Semi-finalist
Marika Lejon 24 Singing Singing Oslo 4 Semi-finalist
Martin Hemmer 19 Sports Trial Cycling Stunts Oslo 3 Semi-finalist
Maximillian Berle-Østraat 10 Art Poetry Writing Bergen 5 Wild card (auditioner)
Ole Gaasø 17 Instrumental Piano Playing Oslo 1 Semi-finalist
Pernille Brenni Brovold 11 Dancing Acrobatic Broadway Show Dancing Oslo 2/5 Wild card (semi-finalist)
Popping Grandpa 64 Dancing Popping Dancing Oslo 3 Semi-finalist
Quick Style 17-18 Dancing Hip Hop Dancing Oslo 3 Winners
René Skar 24 Singing Rapping Bergen 2 Finalist
Robert Smith-Hald 41 Singing Singing & Guitar Bergen 4 Semi-finalist
Røa Eldresenter 69-83 Singing Rapping Røa 4 Finalist
Sebastian James Hekneby 18 Singing Singing Tønsberg 2 Finalist
Urban Tribe 13-27 Dancing Afro Fusion Dancing Oslo 3 Semi-finalist


Semi-final 1Edit

Nr. Place came Artist Talent Performance Buzzers Result
1 1st (Won Public Vote) Brian Aksnes Hoseth Magician Magic: Performed a magic routine with balloons, a bunny, a bird and a caps 0 Thru
5 2nd (Won Judges' Vote) Absence & Blipp Dance Troupe & Beatboxer Dancing and beatboxing: Performed a breakdance and beatboxing routine dancing to and beatboxing "Everybody Dance Now" and others 0
8 3rd (Lost Judges' Vote) Lene Hosøy Singer Singing: Performed her own song "Changing Direction" 0 Eliminated
2 Unknown Bergens Munnspillorkester Harmonica Orchestra & Singer Harmonica: Performed their own "laid back" song with more harmonica than song than last time 0
3 Mâret Hildur Stueng Yoiker Yoik: Performed a yoik for her sick little brother 0
4 Jan Are Sæther Driller Drill: Performed a drill routine to "Livin' La Vida Loca" 0
6 Ole Gaasø Pianist Piano: Played Albert Aaberg theme, songs from The Jungle Book and other 0
7 Ingve Connolly Gran Impersonator Impersonation: Imitated Ingrid Espelid, Gollum, Mika, Janis Joplin, Louis Armstrong and others 0

Semi-final 2Edit

5 1st (Won Public Vote) Sebastian James Hekneby Singer Singing: Performed "Unchained Melody" by Alex North and Hy Zaret 0 Thru
2 2nd (Won Judges' Vote) René Skar Rapper Rap: Performed his own made song "Takin' it Home" 0
4 3rd (Lost Judges' Vote) Pernille Brenni Brovold Dancer Musical dance: Performed a routine as Oliver Twist to "Consider Yourself" 0 Eliminated
1 Unknown Little Superstars Dancers Indian dance: Performed an Indian dance routine 0
3 Alexander Haugaas Magician Card tricking: Tricked with cards 2
6 Cre-8 Dance Troupe Hip Hop Dance: Danced a routine to a medley including a remix of "Rock It" by Herbie Hancock 0
7 Diem Tran Pianist Piano: Played a self-made peace 0
8 Bjørn-Erik Ulvatne Singer Classical singing: Performance of "The Music of the Night" from The Phantom of the Opera 0

Semi-final 3Edit

8 1st (Won Public Vote) Håkon Ricardo Storstadmo Singer Opera singing: Performance of "Nessun Dorma" 0 Thru
5 2nd (Won Judges' Vote) Quick Crew Dance Troupe Hip hop dance: Did a routine in white dresses and with eye linces to a self-mixed song 0
2 3rd (Lost Judges' Vote) Lydia Hoen Tjore Singer Classical singing: Performance of "Time to Say Goodbye" 0 Eliminated
1 Unknown Urban Tribe Dance Troupe Afro fusion dance: Performed an afro fusion routine to a medley of songs included "Up in Her Belly" by Busy Signal 0
3 Henrik Nordin Dancer Popping/hiphop: Performed a popping routine beginning with a white mask and when the "bad weather" came, he changed to a hip-hop boy dancing hip-hop 0
4 Martin Hemmer Trial-cyclist Trial: Performed a trial routine with stunts, flames, a car and a woman burglar to Mission Impossible Theme 0
6 Popping Grandpa Dancer Popping: Performed a popping routine with a paper white flower to "LoveStoned/I Think She Knows" by Justin Timberlake 0
7 Baard Kolstad Drum Soloist Drums: Performed a drum solo routine playing on drums and other things 0

Semi-final 4Edit

8 1st (Won Public Vote) Aaro Petrus Kontio Diabolo Artist Diabolo: Performed a diabolo routine with three diabolos to rock music 0 Thru
5 2nd (Won Judges' Vote) Røa Eldresenter Rap Troupe Rap: Performed their own rap with theme "Røa Røa Røa" 0
7 3rd (Lost Judges' Vote) Eirik Gjendemsjø Singer Musical singing: Performed "The Outcast" from Chess 0 Eliminated
1 Unknown Jan Anders Presthus Tap Dancer Tap: Performed a tap routine to songs from Singin' in the Rain 0
2 Robert Smith-Hald Singer & Guitarist Singing: Performed his own song "Little River" from his new album Innocence Said 0
3 Christer & Pål Comedians Comedy: Performed a comedy routine with Pål impersonating a doll 3
4 John Chen Pianist Piano: Performed the peace "The Flight of the Bumble Bee" 0
6 Marika Lejon Singer Singing: Performance of "Perfect Sin" 0

Wild CardsEdit

8 1st (Won Public Vote) Lydia Hoen Tjore Singer Classical singing: Performed "All I Ask" from The Phanthom of the Opera 0 Thru
3 2nd Pernille Brenni Brovold Dancer Musical dancing: Performed a musical Broadway routine to "Stupid Coupid" by Mandy Moore 0 Eliminated
6 3rd Baard Kolstad Drum Soloist Drumming: Performed a drum routine when he drummed at dustbins, coloured water and drums 0
1 Unknown John Stistrup Dancer Michael Jackson impersonating: Danced to a mix of "Thriller", "Bad", "Dangerous" and "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson 0
2 Ingve Connolly Gran Impersonator Impersonating: Impersonated the Joker from Batman, Solan and Ludvig from Blåklypa Grand Prix and Louis Armstrong 0
4 Maximillian Berle-Østraat Poetry Writer Poetry: Read his own poetry to violin music 0
5 Cre-8 Dance Troupe Hip hop dancing: Performed a routine to different hip hop song including a remix of "Breakout" by Sean Paul 0
7 Arez Mehraban Handbalancer Handbalance: Climbed on a "work place" to "Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé 0


Nr. Place came Artist Age(s) From Talent Performance Result
8 1st Quick Style 17-18 Oslo Dance Troupe Hip hop dance: Performed a routine to a self-mixed song Winners
2 2nd Lydia Hoen Tjore 14 Radøy Singer Classical singing: Performance of "The Prayer" Runner-Up
3 3rd Brian Aksnes Hoseth 6 Verdal Magician Magic: Performed a routine with a tent, a teddy bear and a girl 3rd Place
1 4th-9th Absence & Blipp 18-24 Bergen Dance Troupe & Beatboxer Dancing and beatboxing: Performance to "Beat It", "I Like to Move it, Move it" and other songs beatboxing and breakdancing 4th-9th Place
4 4th-9th Røa Eldresenter 69-83 Røa Rap Troupe Rap: Performed a rap of "We Will Rock You" 4th-9th Place
5 4th-9th Håkon Ricardo Storstadmo 13 Vukku Opera Singer Opera singing: Performance of "Torna a Surriento" 4th-9th Place
6 4th-9th René Skar 24 Fyllingsdalen Rapper Rap: Performed his own summer song "Beautiful Day" with many girls on stage 4th-9th Place
7 4th-9th Aaro Petrus Kontio 24 Finland Diabolo Artist Diabolo: Performed a diabolo routine to rock music with 4 burning diabolos + he wore a burning hat 4th-9th Place
9 4th-9th Sebastian James Hekneby 18 Tønsberg Singer Singing: Performed "One Moment in Time" by Whitney Houston 4th-9th Place


  1. Semi-final 2: Alexander got 2 buzzers (Jan Fredrik Karlsen and Thomas Giertsen)
  2. Semi-final 4: Christer and Pål got all the judges' buzzers

Judges' choicesEdit

Semi-final Jan Fredrik Karlsen Mia Gundersen Thomas Giertsen Going thru
Semi-final 1 Lene Hosøy Absence & Blipp Absence & Blipp Absence & Blipp
Semi-final 2 René Skar René Skar René Skar René Skar
Semi-final 3 Lydia Hoen Tjore Quick Style Quick Style Quick Style
Semi-final 4 Røa Eldresenter Eirik Gjendemsjø Røa Eldresenter Røa Eldresenter


Absence & BlippEdit

Absence & Blipp (Absence Crew) is a dance crew with a beatboxer. The dance crew is called Absence and the beatboxer called Blipp. Members: Stian "Blipp" Glopholm (beatboxer), Ole Petter "Hoolio" Knarvik, Piero "Piero the Hero" Issa, Andreas "Rocks" Roksvåg and Christopher "Birdy" Bottolfsen. They were absent in Dansefeber (season 2) when Knarvik, Issa and Roksvåg made it to the Fever Days. Only Knarvik made it to the live shows and finished in 10th place. The ages in the crew is 18-24. In the final, they was unhappy with the sound, because TV 2 made a mistake. They had to perform 15 seconds without sound.[1]


Lydia Hoen Tjore (14) is a classical singer. She came runner-up in the competition. She is from Radøy in Bergen and has a little brother, David, who also tried for Norske Talenter, but didn't make it to the semi-finals. Lydia was in the 3rd semi-final where she didn't got thru. She was picked to be in the wild cards, and then she won the public vote and got to the final.


6-year old Brian Aksnes Hoseth is the youngest contestant in the competition and is a magician. Now he has sold an own magician set for children. Brian's father, Boje Hoseth, came to the semi-finals last year with Håvard Sand where they called themselves Magic Touch. This inspired Brian to try in the competition. He finished in 3rd place.

Røa EldresenterEdit

Røa Eldresenter is the oldest in the competition, along with Bergens Munnspillorkester. The front artist Mette is 69, and the others in the ages 71–83. They are in the Røa older senter in Oslo. Many young people shows respect for them. They are a rap group with only Mette rapping and the others standing and being cool.

Håkon RicardoEdit

Håkon Ricardo Storstadmo became an opera singer at the age of 13. When he tried for the show, he was 13. He comes from Vuku in Verdal in Nord- Trøndelag, Norway. He was born in the Philippines. He sings arias in Italian language mostly. He wants to perform in large venues and sing opera to the people and make it more popular.


René Skar (24) is a rapper from Fyllingsdalen in Bergen. Sams.B makes the beats. René (aka RudeRen) and Stig (aka Sams.B) has a duo name called The D-Techs. René previously belonged to the rap crew CrippleCrew. René has a son named Shawn-Kevin. René wants him to be a doctor or something important. René wants to show him that nothing is impossible. René's good word for him is Sky Is the Limit.


Aaro Petrus Kontio (24) is a diabolo artist. In the final, he diaboloed with 4 diabolos. Aaro comes from Finland, but lives now in Trondheim. Aaro got to the auditions together with his girlfriend from Finland, Tiina. She auditioned, with the circus talent trapes. She didn't make it to the semi-finals, but Aaro did. Aaro always performs his diabolo routines to rock/punk music.

Quick StyleEdit

Quick Style (17-18), a dance group with 3 Hip Hop dancers and a B-Boy. They ended up as winners of the competition.


Sebastian James Hekneby (18) is a singer. He is a big fan of Michael Jackson. He did some MJ dance moves in the final. In the final, TV 2 made a mistake with the sound, that sounded like he was screaming at the middle of the song.[2] At the auditions, Jan Fredrik Karlsen said "Now, a new star is born on that stage" when he sang "You Raise Me Up". At the semi-finals he sang "Unchained Melody" and "One Moment in Time" in the final.