Quan Hóa district

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Quan Hóa district (Vietnamese: huyện Quan Hóa) is a district of Thanh Hóa province in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam.

Quan Hóa district
Huyện Quan Hóa
View of suspension bridge in Thanh Hó
View of suspension bridge in Thanh Hó
Country Vietnam
RegionNorth Central Coast
ProvinceThanh Hóa
CapitalQuan Hóa
 • Total385 sq mi (996 km2)
 • Total53,070
Time zoneUTC+7 (UTC + 7)

As of 2019 the district had a population of 53,070.[1] The district covers an area of 996 km2. The district capital lies at Quan Hóa.[1]

Trung Sơn commune is the site of the Trung Sơn Hydropower Project.


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Coordinates: 20°25′01″N 104°55′01″E / 20.417°N 104.917°E / 20.417; 104.917