Qasem-e Anvar

Qāsem-e Anvār (Qāsim-i Anwār) (Persian: قاسم انوار‎; 1356 – 1433) was an Iranian poet and Sufi. Qāsem-e Anwār wrote ḡazals, molammaʿs, and tuyuḡs in a simple Azeri Turkish.[1] He was a Timurid propagandist and was born in Sarab, Tabriz.[2]

Qasem-e Anar is the author of a popular Masnavi entitled Anis al-arifin (Mystics' Companion), an explanation of Sufi terminology, and also a divan of Sufi poetry.[3]

A well-known Sufi sheikh who had a large following in Herat, Qāsem-e Anvar was suspected of collaboration with an assailant who stabbed Shahrukh and was banished from Herat.[4]

Qasem-e Anvar also spent many years in Gilan and learnt the vernacular of the region and has even a ghazal in Gilaki.


از هر طرفی چهره گشایی که منم
در هر صفتی جلوه‌گر آیی که منم
با اینهمه گهگاه غلط می‌افتم

[5]نادان کس و بله روستایی که منم

You show me your face everywhere I see
and you try to get any good attribute
so I sometimes make a mistake that's why
I am an ignorant person or maybe I'm rural


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