Pushpaka Brahmin

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Pushpaka Thali - Wedding pendant of Pushpaka Brahmin women

Pushpaka Brahmin is a generic term that refer to a group of various Hindu Brahmin castes of Kerala in the Ambalavasi community.[1] Pushpaka Brahmin include primarily two castes - Pushpakas (or Pushpaka Unnis) and Nambeesans, who were assigned the job of tending flowers and making garlands in the Hindu temples and were given rights to teach sacred texts and Sanskrit language in the Pathasalas associated with Hindu temples. Later some other communities like Theeyatt Unnis, Kurukkals, and Puppallis. having similar culture and temple-related jobs were also considered to be Pushpaka Brahmins.[2]

Community welfareEdit

Nowadays, Pushpaka Brahmins are reluctant to cling to their traditional professions like priesthood,[3]adhyapanam (teaching) in Pathasalas, malakettu (garland making), vilakkeduppu (lamp bearing). Due to low income from these professions. Sree Pushpakabrahmana Seva Sangham is an organisation working for the welfare of Pushpaka Brahmin castes.[citation needed]


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