Publications Office of the European Union

The Publications Office of the European Union (Publications Office) is an inter-institutional office of the European Union, established in Luxembourg in 1969, that serves as the official publisher of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies. [1]

Publications Office of the European Union
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Type EU Interinstitutional body
Seat Luxembourg

As such, it is the central provider of access to publications of the European Union including legal publications (prominently the Official Journal of the European Union), public procurement notices, open data and applications.

The Publications Office makes this content available in a variety of digital and physical formats with the aim of facilitating access to and reuse of all official information coming from the EU as well as ensuring its long-term preservation.

To this end, it manages a suite of websites providing access to its various information collections (different types of publications).

Collections and ServicesEdit

  • EU Publications' (previously ‘EU Bookshop’ until 31/12/2018) is the brand name of one of the information collections and of the respective website managed by the Publications Office of the European Union. The depository of ‘EU Publications’ contains all types of publications authored by the institutions, agencies and bodies of the European Union; exceptions to this are special types of publications such as legislation, procurement notices, data sets and EU directory details that are subjects of other information collections, also managed by the Publications Office of the European Union. Data from May 2019 showed that the site contained at that time approximately 100 000 titles of various formats (books, reports, studies, reviews, summaries, factsheets, booklets, magazines, leaflets, posters and so on), themes, purposes and intended audiences. Each title can be available in 1, several, or all 24 of the official languages of the EU. It can also be offered in other languages. As a result, the EU publications website offered in May 2019 publications in a total of 78 languages. This translates to a total number of approximately 270 000 available linguistic versions of the different titles. The ‘EU Publications’ website serves as a central dissemination channel for the publications of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies but also as a means to insure their long-term preservation and availability. It provides free on-line access to this depository for the pubic including citizens, public authorities, businesses and other organisations. Electronic versions of the available publications can be viewed or downloaded free-of-charge. Print copies, when available, can also be ordered through the site, in most cases for free; exceptions and conditions however apply. This dissemination policy is consistent with the open reuse policy for the documents of the European Commission regulated by the Decision 2011/833/EU according to which “Public sector information is an important source of potential growth of innovative online services through value-added products and services. Governments can stimulate content markets by making public sector information available on transparent, effective and non-discriminatory terms”. The said decision invites the other EU institutions to follow the open reuse policy. The ‘EU Publications’ website is part of the portal of the Publications Office of the European Union hosting all information collections managed by the Publications Office.
  • Community Research and Development Information Service (Cordis), the European Commission's primary source of results from the projects funded by the EU's framework programmes for research and innovation.
  • EUR-Lex, the gateway to EU law, providing free access to, and information about, public legal documents from the European Union.
  • Ted (Tenders Electronic Daily), the online version of the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, dedicated to European public procurement. It is the official entry point to all business opportunities involving public procurement contracts for values above EU thresholds (EUR 144 000) in the European Union, the European Economic Area and beyond.
  • EU Whoiswho, the official directory of the European Union administration, with professional contact information of over 40 000 individuals, including Members of the European Parliament as well as managers and employees of the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.
  • The EU Vocabularies thesaurus providing free public access to controlled vocabularies managed by the EU institutions, agencies and bodies.
  • the Publications Office online public access catalogue (OPAC), allowing librarians or other information professionals, to search in more than 330 000 individual bibliographic records and download metadata of their selected publications into their own catalogues.
  • The EU Web Archive preserves websites of EU institutions, agencies and bodies. [2] The European Union and Presidencies of the Council of the EU web archive copies are available via its Archive-It account.

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