American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance

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The American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance (ARPBA), formerly the American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA), is a lobbying group that represents the U.S. plastic bag manufacturing and recycling industry. Founded in 2005, it lobbies against U.S. local and state plastic bag bans and taxes.[1]

The ARPBA is connected to the Society of the Plastics Industry, an industry trade group.[2]

In January 2020, the organization was renamed the American Recyclable Plastic Bag Alliance, promoting a pact by its members to use at least 20% recycled plastics in its products.[3]


The ARPBA has actively lobbied against bag fees and bans in numerous states, including Massachusetts,[4] New Jersey, [5] and Virginia.[6] Prior to the passage of California legislation banning plastic shopping bags, the ARPBA gathered a petition with over 800,000 signatures, spending over $3 million in an unsuccessful attempt to block the ban.[7]


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