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President of the Congress of Colombia

The President of the Congress of Colombia (Spanish: Presidente del Congreso de la República de Colombia) is the leader of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia. The Presidency of Congress is assumed by the person elected as President of the Senate of Colombia by members of the Senate in an election held every year on July 20. The President of the Senate serves a term of one year without a chance for reelection in which s/he also assumes the presidency of Congress.[1] The current President of Congress is Ernesto Macías since July 20, 2018.


The President of Congress presides over general debates and also delegates duties to other members of Congress of the same political party. Aside from duties relating to heading Congress and the majority political party or coalition, the President also performs administrative and procedural functions, and remains the Representative of his or her congressional representation.

Among his/her other functions is to lead the Administrative Directorate of Congress with the assistance of two Vice Presidents of Congress, a Secretary General and other staff to organize the internal functioning of the senate.[2]


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