Soberano Awards

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The Soberano Awards are the Dominican music awards, which are awarded annually by the Asociación de Cronistas de Arte of the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo.[1] Often referenced in music line-ups to delineate a musician's popularity in Hispanic countries. Notable winners include Mozart La Para, Prince Royce, and Don Omar. It airs annually in the spring on Telemicro in the Dominican Republic.

Soberano Awards
Current: 28th Annual Soberano Awards
Premios Soberano.jpg
CountryDominican Republic
Presented byAsociación de Cronistas de Arte
First awarded1985


The Soberano Awards (formerly known as Casandra Awards) is an award given since 1985, by the Association of Art Critics of the Dominican Republic. The ceremony is held annually since 1992 in Santo Domingo at the Teatro Nacional.[2]

Name changeEdit

The awards were called Casandra Awards (Premios Casandra in Spanish) since 1985, which was honoring the entertainer Casandra Damirón, but it was later renamed in 2012 ending the dispute with her family, to Soberano Awards (Premios Soberano[3] in Spanish).[4] The descendants of Casandra Damirón decided to withdraw the authorization to use Casandra's name from the awards name arguing that for the previous two years the ceremony departed from the rules which "have governed the award in terms of its content and raison d'être". [5]


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