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Premiership (the state of being a premier) may refer to:

  • The post of premier or prime minister, who is the head of government in many parliamentary systems
  • Premier League, England's highest-level football league competition
  • Scottish Premiership, Scotland's highest level football league competition
  • The Principality Premiership, Wales' highest-level domestic rugby union competition (but secondary to the multinational Pro14)
  • Cymru Premier, Wales' highest level football league competition
  • NIFL Premiership, the highest-level football league competition in Northern Ireland
  • Premiership Rugby, known for sponsorship reasons as the Gallagher Premiership, England's highest-level rugby union competition. "Premiership Rugby" is also the name of the company that operates the league.
  • NRL Premiership, Australasia's highest level rugby league competition
  • AFL Grand Final, in Australian rules football a title won during a particular year
  • The Rugby League Premiership, a title that was available to English rugby league clubs from 1974 to 1997
  • Premier Soccer Saturday, RTÉ
  • The Mitre 10 Premiership, the top-tier competition within the Mitre 10 Cup in New Zealand rugby union
  • The Premiership, ITV's flagship football programme from 2001-2004
  • In the A-League of Australian soccer, the "premiership" is won by the team finishing first on the league table after the regular season

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