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The Power Strike series is a video game series of vertically scrolling shooters, produced by Compile, for the Master System and Game Gear. Except for one title, all of the games are actually localized Aleste games.

Power StrikeEdit

The first game was originally released in Japan under the name Aleste. The Japanese version contains an extra level and an anime styled storyline that was removed from the international release. A follow-up of the game, Aleste 2, was released as well. This game is entirely different from Power Strike II. Power Strike is very notable for being a Master System game which could only be obtained by mail order directly from Sega in the US.

Power Strike II (Master System)Edit

This was the only original Power Strike game (it isn't a worldwide version of any existing Compile game nor was it released in Japan). Unlike the other Power Strike game, it takes place in the 1930s, where the main characters tries to capture aerial pirates. While it plays the same as its predecessor (or any other Aleste game), it also features a charged attack by holding the fire button.

Power Strike II (Game Gear)Edit

This game was originally released in Japan under the name of GG Aleste II: Lance Bird. It is a different game from its console counterpart.