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Philip J. Haythornthwaite (born 1951) is an internationally respected and prolific author and historical consultant specializing in the military history, uniforms and equipment. Whilst his main area of research is the Napoleonic Wars, his impressive list of publications covers a much wider range of periods from the English Civil War until WWI.

Philip Haythornthwaite
Lancashire, UK
SubjectMilitary history
speciality Napoleonic Wars

Since 1973 he has had over 80 books published, plus numerous articles and papers on military history.
Much of this output through the publishers Orion Books and Osprey Publishing is directed at the popular market and Haythornthwaite’s writing has, beyond doubt, helped keep alive a general interest in history. However, his seminal works The Armies of Wellington and Redcoats, The British Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars as well as Picton’s Division at Waterloo are serious works of research that show the author to be the equal of many professional historians.[1]
Also notable is the fact that Haythornthwaite has prepared new editions of several well-known Peninsular War memoirs : Life in Napoleon’s Army: the Memoirs of Captain Elzear Blaze In the Peninsula with a French Hussar: Memoirs of the War of the French in Spain.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and a Member of the British Commission for Military History.[2][3]
In 2015 he was awarded a Certificate in Recognition of Lifetime Achievement jointly by the BCMH and the Peninsular War 200 organisation.[4]

Haythornthwaite's other great passion is cricket.

Select bibliographyEdit

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    In this landmark book Haythornthwaite traces the career of a British soldier from enlistment, through the key stages of his path through the military system, including combat, all the way to his eventual discharge.
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With Jack Cassin-Scott and John Fabb:

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