Petros (pelican)

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Petros was a great white pelican. It was the official mascot of the Greek island of Mykonos.

Original Petros the Pelican in 1977
Original Petros in 1977
Petros (the second)

In 1958, a wounded pelican was found off the coast of Mykonos by a local fisherman. The pelican was nursed to health and remained on the island supported by locals. It soon adopted the name "Petros", as a joke among locals, as "petro" in Greek means "rock" or "stone", but metaphorically "old and grumpy"[citation needed]. Petros was hit and killed by a car in December 1985.[1]

Subsequently, three new pelicans took up residence around the main town of Mykonos. One, honorifically, was given the name "Petros".[2]

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