Pedja (river)

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The Pedja (Estonian: Pedja jõgi) is the fourth longest river in Estonia. Its source is near Simuna on the southern slopes of the Pandivere Upland. The river flows for 122 km through Lääne-Viru, Jõgeva and Tartu counties before joining the Emajõgi northeast of Lake Võrtsjärv. The last 4 km section of the river after confluence with Põltsamaa is known as the Pede. The largest settlement on the river is Jõgeva.

The Pedja in spring
Physical characteristics
 • locationSimuna, Lääne-Viru County
 • coordinates
58°24′47″N 26°11′28″E / 58.4130°N 26.1911°E / 58.4130; 26.1911
 • elevation
33 m (108 ft)
Length122 km (76 mi)
Basin size2,719 km2 (1,050 sq mi)
 • average10.9 m3/s (380 cu ft/s)
Basin features
ProgressionEmajõgiLake PeipusNarvaGulf of Finland
Drone video of headwaters of Pedja river in Simuna (July 2022)

The Pedja is also the origin of the name of Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve, a large protected area on the river's lower reaches.

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