Wicked Man's Rest

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Wicked Man's Rest is the debut and sole studio album of the British band Passenger (stylized as /Passenger.) fronted by Mike Rosenberg. The single "Walk You Home" taken from the album charted in Britain reaching number 134 in the UK Singles Chart.[1]

Wicked Man's Rest
Studio album by
Released17 September 2007
LabelEmbassy of Music
  • Andrew Philips
  • John Reynolds
  • Tim Oliver
Passenger chronology
Wicked Man's Rest
Wide Eyes Blind Love
Singles from Wicked Man's Rest
  1. "Wicked Man's Rest"
    Released: 2007
  2. "Walk You Home"
    Released: 2007

Since the release of the album, Passenger has split up, with lead singer Mike Rosenberg continuing with a solo career also under the name Passenger.

Track listingEdit

All tracks are written by Andrew Philips and Mike Rosenberg.

1."Wicked Man's Rest"4:19
2."Walk You Home (Night Vision Binoculars)"3:42
3."Things You've Never Done"4:33
4."Do What You Like"3:52
5."Needle in the Dark"5:05
6."Four Horses"4:10
7."You're on My Mind"4:37
8."For You"3:24
9."Walk in the Rain"5:17
10."Table for One"3:15
11."Girl I Once Knew"2:11


  • "Wicked Man's Rest"
  • "Walk You Home"[1]
  • "Do What You Like"
  • "Table for One"