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Paria may refer to the following :

Places and jurisdictionsEdit

Old WorldEdit

  • Paria, Gujarat, village in Vapi, Valsad, Gujarat, India
  • Paria in Proconsulari, an Ancient city and former bishopric, now a Latin titular see in Tunisia
  • Paria, of, from, or related to Paros, a Greek island in the central Aegean Sea


  • Paria (Peru), a mountain in the Andes
  • Paria, Bolivia, founded in 1535, the first Spanish settlement in Bolivia.
  • Paria, Utah, or Pahreah, a ghost town on the Paria River in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah, United States
  • Paria, a Spanish colonial province of Venezuela, constituting the eastern portion of the country
  • Paria Point, a mountain in Zion National Park, Utah
  • Paria River, tributary of the Colorado River, United States
  • Paria Peninsula, peninsula in Sucre, Venezuela
  • Gulf of Paria, gulf on the South of Paria Peninsula, the Orinoco River delta in Venezuela and on west coast of Trinidad
  • The name given to North America on the Waldseemüller map.

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Other usesEdit

  • Parias, a form of tribute in medieval Spain
  • Paria (beetle), a genus of leaf beetle in family Chrysomelidae

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