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Panthan or Panth (meaning "path" in Sanskrit) is the term used for several religious traditions in India. A panth is founded by a guru or an acharya, and is often led by scholars or senior practitioners of the tradition.

Some of the major panthas in India are:

  1. Khalsa Panth (Guru Gobind Singh's Sikhism)
  2. Nanak Panth (Sikhism)
  3. Sahaja Panth (Universal)
  4. Kabir Panth (Part of the Sahaja)
  5. Dadu Panth (Part of the Sahaja)
  6. Tera Panth (Jain)
  7. Satnami Panth (Hindu)
  8. Nath Panth (Hindu)
  9. Varkari Panth (Hindu)
  10. Sat Panth (Shia, Islamic)
  11. Rasul Panth (Islamic)
  12. Pagal Panth (Islamic)


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