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The Pamalayu campaign was a military expeditionary force sent by Javanese King Kertanegara of Singhasari to conquer the Sumatran Melayu Kingdom. It was decreed in 1275, though perhaps not undertaken until later.[1]

Little is known about the results of the expedition. Padang Roco Inscription dated from 1286 CE states a religious statue of Amoghapasa were established at Dharmasraya on the orders of Kertanagara, and that all the inhabitants of Melayu and especially their king rejoiced at the presentation of the gifts.[2]

The expedition arguably established Javanese domination upon Malayu and trade in Strait of Malacca. To cement the relationship between the two kingdoms, a political marriage was arranged. According to Pararaton two Malay princesses, Dara Petak and Dara Jingga went to Java, originally intended for Kertanegara. However following his demise by Jayakatwang, princess Dara Petak would later be married to Raden Wijaya of Majapahit, Kertanegara's successor. The union would result in the second king of Majapahit, Jayanegara.[3]


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