Pakeeza (Urdu: پاکیزہ, lit.'Pure') is a 1979 Pakistani film it was written by Masroor Anwar and directed by Parvez Malik it was produced by Masroor Anwar.[1] It stars Nadeem, Shabnam, Bindiya, Naveen Tajik and Rahat Kazmi in leading roles.[1][2] The film was a Platinum Jubilee at the box office.[3]

Directed byParvez Malik
Written byMasroor Anwar
Produced byMasroor Anwar
Music byM. Ashraf
Distributed byAarmaan Pictures
Release date
20 April 1979
Running time
150 minutes

Plot edit

The story is about (Shabnam) Shabana and Irfan who are happily married but later (Nadeem) Irfan is blamed in a fraud case. Then he leaves Shabana alone and heads to a village to escape from the police there he meets (Bindiya) Bindya and marries her later they both have a son name (Rahat) Salman while Shabana raises her only daughter (Naveen) Arzoo.[4]

Cast edit

Music edit

All lyrics are written by Masroor Anwar; all music is composed by M. Ashraf[1]

No.TitleSinger (s)Length
1."Ham Na Hon Gay To Yaad Ayen Gi Hamari Baten"Naheed Akhtar3:40
2."Is Duniya Main Kam Milenge"Mehnaz Begum3:06
3."Kuch Unki Jafaon Ne Loota Kuch Unki Inayat Maar Gai"Naheed Akhtar3:24
4."Mil Jata Hay Yaar Magar Pyar"Ghulam Abbas4:38
5."Tootay Dilon Ka Sahara Meray Allah Tera Naam"Naheed Akhtar3:43
6."Tujh Say Pyar Karoon Ga"Ghulam Abbas & Mehnaz Begum4:39

Reception edit

The film was released on April 20, 1979, and it was a Golden Jubliee super hit at the box office.[1]

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