Osvaldo Sotomayor

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Osvaldo Sotomayor Ilabaca was the 15th Mayor of the commune of Pichilemu, office which he held between February and March 1935, for a span of only nine days, under President Arturo Alessandri Palma. Sotomayor's mayoral term is the shortest in the history of Pichilemu, excluding acting mayor Gustavo Parraguez Galarce.

Osvaldo Sotomayor
15th Mayor of Pichilemu
In office
25 February 1935 – 6 March 1935
PresidentArturo Alessandri Palma
Preceded byFelipe Iturriaga Esquivel
Succeeded byAlberto Morales Moraga
Personal details
Residence(s)Pichilemu, Chile
OccupationCivil servant

Political careerEdit

Osvaldo Sotomayor was appointed as vocal of the municipality of Pichilemu through the first mayoral term of Felipe Iturriaga Esquivel, which lasted between October 1932 and February 1935. Sotomayor was appointed mayor of Pichilemu by decree of President Arturo Alessandri Palma on 25 February 1935.[1] Along with him, Guillermo Greene Ortega, his predecessor Felipe Iturriaga Esquivel, and Nepomuceno Urzúa were appointed as vocales. Sotomayor's term lasted for nine days, until 6 March 1935.[2]


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