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The term Orthodox, Orthodoxy, or Orthodoxism may refer to:



  • Orthodoxy is adherence to accepted norms, more specifically to creeds, especially in Christianity and Judaism


  • Eastern Orthodox Church, a Christian church that accepts seven Ecumenical Councils
    • True Orthodoxy, they see themselves as the real continuation of the original Eastern Orthodox Church after 1920s over accusing the mainstream main communion as promoting heresy
  • Oriental Orthodoxy, a Christian communion that accepts three Ecumenical Councils
  • Proto-orthodox Christianity, an early form of early Christianity in apostolic and post-apostolic times
  • Reformed Orthodoxy, several Eastern Christian churches who adopted western Protestant elements
  • Paleo-orthodoxy, a movement in Christianity aimed at upholding the historic teachings of the Church
  • Neo-orthodoxy, a theological position also known as dialectical theology
  • Radical orthodoxy, a theological position associated with postmodernism
  • Lutheran orthodoxy, an era in the history of Lutheranism, which began in 1580 from the writing of the Book of Concord and ended at the Age of Enlightenment


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