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The Oral History Association (OHA) is a professional association for oral historians and others interested in oral history. It is based in the United States but has international membership. Its mission is "to bring together all persons interested in oral history as a way of collecting and interpreting human memories to foster knowledge and human dignity."[1]

Oral History Association
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In 1966 James V. Mink, director of the UCLA Oral History Program, planned and staged the First National Colloquium on Oral History at Arrowhead, California.[2] Panelists at the meeting included Louis M. Starr, director of the Columbia University oral history program; Elizabeth Mason, associate director of the Columbia University oral history program; Allan Nevins, writer and historian; Samuel Hand, history professor at the University of Vermont; and Saul Benison, writer and history professor at Brandeis University.[3] The founding of an oral history association was first discussed at this meeting, and James Mink served as the Chairman of the new association from 1967 - 1968.

In 1968 Louis Starr organized the Second National Colloquium on Oral History which was held at Arden House in New York. Starr, who served as the Oral History Association's first president, had OHA incorporated as a non-profit in New York state.[3]


OHA holds an annual meeting that focuses on different oral history topics, hosts a Wiki for sharing resources, and hosts an online OHA Network for finding other members with similar interests.[1]

OHA gives out the following awards:

  • Emerging Crises Research Annual Fund
  • Stetson Kennedy Vox Populi ("Voice of the People") Annual Award
  • Book Award (biennial)
  • Oral History in Nonprint Format (biennial)
  • Martha Ross Teaching Award (biennial)
  • Article Award (biennial)
  • Postsecondary Teaching Award (biennial)
  • Elizabeth B. Mason Project Award (biennial)[1]

OHA encourages its members to participate in its seven committees:

  • Committee on Diversity
  • Education Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • International Committee
  • New Media and Digital Technology Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • State and Regional Forum[1]


The Oral History Review is the official publication of OHA and was first issued in 1973.[3] Its founding editor was Samuel Hand. Released annually from 1973 - 1986, it is now released biannually by Oxford Journals.[4]

Newsletters are released in the spring, fall, and winter each year. A Pamphlet Series provides information about topics such as oral history in the classroom and oral history for the family historian.[1]


  • International Oral History Association
  • Michigan Oral History Association
  • Midwest Oral History Group
  • New England Association for Oral History
  • Northwest Oral History Association
  • OHMAR – Oral History Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Southwest Oral History Association
  • Texas Oral History Association[1]

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