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One-hitter (smoking)

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Midwakh (U.A.E.), shown with and without a stem-mounted filter. Traditionally used with dokha, an Iranian sifted tobacco product with admixtures of other herbs.
Kiseru, with handcrafted metal head and mouthpiece; traditionally used with kizami, a finely shredded Japanese tobacco product. Flexible extension tube of matching diameter may substitute for the stiff bamboo stem.

A one-hitter[1] (also oney, bat, tay or oney bat) is typically a slender pipe with a screened narrow bowl designed for a single inhalation, or "hit," of smoke and/or vapor from a microdose (about 25 mg.) of heated cannabis flower, tobacco leaf or other dried, sifted herbal preparation.[2] It is distinguished from western-style large-bowl pipes designed for harsh tobaccos that are burned hot and tasted but not directly inhaled. Instead, by properly distancing a heat source such as a prolonged low lighter-flame directly below its top opening, inhalant one-hitter users can operate at vaporization temperatures, minimizing combustion waste and toxicity.[3][4]

Traditional national varieties of one-hitter pipes include North American calumet (peace pipe), kiseru (Japan), midwakh (Middle East), sebsi (Morocco) and some narrow chillums (Nepal, India, Jamaica).

A one-hitter can be considered drug paraphernalia in certain regions.[5][6]


Wooden dugout box with cigarette-styled one-hitter, technically a small chillum (with end-to-end channel); in this illustration the sucking end, over which a flexible extension tube can be added, is at top.
Sebsi (Morocco) with clay craterhead and long wooden tube for which flexible hose may be substituted, as with certain vaporizers or hookahs.
A modern cylindrical aluminum dugout with multiple special features[7]

Brands of cigarette-sized one hitters for inconspicuous public use are marketed with a rectangular (or sometimes cylindrical) wooden case, known as a "dugout", with two compartments, the larger to store a stash of herb and the narrower, cylindrical hole to store the "bat" or pipe.[8]

Modern adaptations from craft-centric companies use fine and rare woods, bone, acrylic, aluminum, steel, titanium, other metals or plastics, adding features such as grinders, poker storage or lighter chambers. Carried in a shirt pocket, they are the tangible microdose "replacement" for an alluringly designed cigarette pack when one is eliminating a smoking habit.[8]

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