On the hills - virgin forest

On the hills - virgin forest (Croatian: Na bregovima - prašuma) is a painting by Croatian artist Ivan Rabuzin from 1960.[1]

On the hills - rainforest
Croatian: Na bregovima - prašuma, Bulgarian: На хълмовете – девствена гора
Na bregovima - prašuma.jpeg
ArtistIvan Rabuzin
Year1960 (1960)
Mediumoil on canvas
Dimensions69.2 cm × 116.7 cm (27.2 in × 45.9 in)
LocationCroatian Museum of Naive Art, Zagreb


The 69.2 x 116.7 cm. oil painting is held by the Croatian Museum of Naive Art in Zagreb.[1]


The naive style is typical of Ivan Rabuzin; lyrical and idealized landscapes based on a sequence of circles or round shapes, filled with optimism and spirituality. His style is recognized worldwide as unique and great contribution to the development of naïve art. It is characterized by modernism of visual expression, as it reduces the use of geometric shapes, causing his art to be among the legacy of contemporary art.[1] His works are easily recognizable thanks to the combination of stylization and geometric abstraction. The colors in his paintings highlight the location and size of the images, highlighting their symbolic significance and importance.[2]


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