Omukama of Toro

The Omukama of Toro is the name given to rulers of the East African kingdom of Toro. The kingdom lasted as an independent state from the 16th to the 19th century. Although no longer the ruler of a state, the Omukama of Toro remains an important figure in Ugandan politics, especially among the Toro people of whom he is the titular head. He is closely related to the Omukama of Bunyoro.

The Omukama of Toro (centre) and the British governor of Uganda, Sir Frederick Crawford (right) at the signing of an agreement in Kabarole, Toro, Uganda, late 1950s.

List of Abakama of ToroEdit

The following is a list of the Abakama of Toro, starting around 1800 AD:[citation needed]

  1. Olimi I, 1822–1865
  2. Ruhaga, 1865–1866
  3. Nyaika Kyebambe I, 1866–1871 and 1871–1872
  4. Rukidi I, 1871–1871
  5. Olimi II, 1872–1875
  6. Rukidi II, 1875
  7. Rububi Kyebambe II, 1875 and 1877–1879
  8. Kakende Nyamuyonjo, 1875–1876 and 1879–1880
  9. Katera, 1876–1877
    a period of Interregnum, 1880–1891; reverted to Bunyoro
  10. Kyebambe III, 1891–1928
  11. Rukidi III, 1929–1965
  12. Olimi III, 1965–1995
    interrupted by the discontinuation by the Ugandan government, 1967–1993
  13. Rukidi IV, 1995–present

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