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Daimon of Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai

The Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai (沖縄旭琉会, Okinawa Kyokuryū-kai) is a yakuza criminal organization based on the Okinawa island of Japan.[1] A designated yakuza group[1] with an estimated 523 active members and 145 semi-active members, the Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai is the largest yakuza organization in Okinawa Prefecture.[2]


The Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai was formed in 1990 when it split from Okinawa's main yakuza group, the Kyokuryu-kai. The formation was led by Kiyoshi Tominaga, who became the first president.[3] The Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai, along with the Kyokuryu-kai, was registered as a designated yakuza group under the Organized Crime Countermeasures Law in June 1992.[4]


Headquartered in Naha, Okinawa, the Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai is one of the two designated yakuza groups in Okinawa Prefecture along with its former parent organization, the Kyokuryu-kai.[5] The Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai is the largest yakuza organization in Okinawa Prefecture, followed by the second-largest Kyokuryu-kai and the third-largest Yoshimi-kogyo.[2]


The Okinawa Kyokuryu-kai's official policy forbids its members from engaging in drug trafficking.[6]