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Oceania Cycling Confederation

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The national federations of the UCI form confederations by continent.

In Oceania, this body is the Oceania Cycling Confederation, also shortened to OCC.

Michael Turtur from South Australia was President of the Union Cycliste Internationale's Oceania Cycling Confederation from 2008 to 2012, taking over from Ray Godkin from Sydney, Australia, who retired from the position in late 2008 following 22 years as the President. As a result, Michael Turtur has a seat on the U.C.I. board (representing Oceania) on the Management Committee of the International Cycling Union.

On 2 December 2012, former Olympic athlete Tracey Gaudry was elected to succeed Turtur, Promoter of the Tour Down Under, who, as a promoter, had brought out Lance Armstrong for the Tour.

The vote was first split 2–2, but pressure was put on Guam to switch their vote by their own Olympic committee,[1] and she won unanimously after Fiji followed. The two other voting members, Australia and New Zealand, supported Ms. Gaudry's candidacy from the start.[2]

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