La Cañada Observatory

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La Cañada Observatory (Spanish: Observatorio de La Cañada), is an amateur astronomical observatory in Ávila, Spain privately owned by Juan Lacruz, the main activity is to monitor near-Earth objects other asteroids and comets.

Observatorio de La Cañada
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Alternative namesLa Cañada Observatory Edit this at Wikidata
Observatory codeJ87
LocationÁvila, Spain
Coordinates40°36.235′N 4°29.589′W / 40.603917°N 4.493150°W / 40.603917; -4.493150Coordinates: 40°36.235′N 4°29.589′W / 40.603917°N 4.493150°W / 40.603917; -4.493150
Altitude1400 m
La Cañada Observatory is located in Spain
La Cañada Observatory
Location of Observatorio de La Cañada
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The observatory joined the International Astronomical Union sending the first astrometric observations in the summer of 2002. The Minor Planet Center assigned the observatory code J87: La Cañada.

Instrumental :

Telescope Meade LX200 12" + CCD


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