Object 785

Object 785 (Объект 785) was a Soviet experimental main battle tank built in the late 1970s.[1] It was an improved variant of the T-80B, with seven road wheels.[2]

Object 785
Object 785.jpg
TypeMain battle tank
Place of origin Soviet Union
Production history
Producedlate 1970s
Mass43 metric tons

Armour700 mm (hull front) (steel laminate with corundum pellets)
600 mm (turret) (steel laminate with corundum pellets)
125 mm 2A82 smoothbore gun
130 mm rifled gun
Engine2V-16 multifuel diesel engine
735 kW
Speed75 km/h

The tank was testing the new generation 125 mm 2A82 smoothbore gun, carrying 50 rounds of ammunition, 30 of which in the loading mechanism.[3] It was also testing a 130 mm rifled gun, an improved variant of the M-65 gun used on tanks like Object 279.[4]

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