OTO Award for TV Female Actor

OTO Award
TV Female Actor

Currently held by
Zuzana Mauréry

First awarded | Last awarded
2000 | Present

OTO Award for TV Female Actor has been bestowed to the most recognized female actors of the past year in Slovakia since 2000. In years 2010 and 2011, the award was split into two equivalent categories depending on a genre, TV drama or TV comedy. From 2012, the general category is held.[1]

Winners and nomineesEdit


Zdena Studenková has won six consecutive times, making her the most winning actress.
Emília Vášáryová comes the first in terms of her eight nominations, twice in drama.
Kamila Magálová is one of the earliest triple nominees, having no winning bid though.
Diana Mórová has scored out of four nominations two awards, once in a genre.
Year Recipient Nominees
2000 Zdena Studenková
(6 consecutive wins)
2006 Zuzana Fialová
(2 consecutive wins)
  • Zuzana Tlučková
  • Viktória Ráková
2008 Diana Mórová
2009 Petra Polnišová


Year Recipient Nominees
2010 Held only in genre
2012 Monika Hilmerová
2013 Helena Krajčiová
2014 Zuzana Šebová
(2 consecutive wins)
2016 Tatiana Pauhofová
2017 Lujza Garajová-Schrameková
2018 Zuzana Mauréry


Multiple winnersEdit

6 awards
2 awards

Multiple nomineesEdit

6 nominations
4 nominations
3 nominations
2 nominations

Denotes also a winner in two or more of the main categories.
Denotes also a winner of the Absolute OTO category.
Denotes also an inductee into the Hall of Fame OTO.

Associated categoriesEdit

OTO Award
TV Female Actor – Drama

First awarded | Last awarded
2010 | 2011

TV Female Actor – DramaEdit

Year Recipient Nominees
2010 Emília Vášáryová
2011 Diana Mórová
2 nominations

OTO Award
TV Female Actor – Comedy

First awarded | Last awarded
2010 | 2011

TV Female Actor – ComedyEdit

Year Recipient Nominees
2010 Petra Polnišová
(2 consecutive wins)
  • Helena Krajčiová
  • Gabriela Dzuríková
2 awards
2 nominations
  • Petra Polnišová
  • Helena Krajčiová


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