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List of software for nuclear engineering

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With the decreased cost and increased capabilities of computers, Nuclear Engineering has implemented computer software (Computer code to Mathematical model) into all facets of this field. There are a wide variety of fields associated with nuclear engineering, but computers and associated software are used most often in design and analysis. Neutron Kinetics, Thermal-hydraulics, and structural mechanics are all important in this effort. each software need to test and verify before use.[1] The codes can be separated by use and function. most of software's written in C and Fortran.[2]


Monte Carlo Radiation TransportEdit

Transmutation, fuel depletionEdit

  • ORIP_XXI Isotope transmutation simulations
  • ORILL Code 1D transmutation, fuel depletion (burn-up) and radiological protection code
  • FISPACT-II Multiphysics, inventory and source-term code
  • MURE Serpent-MCNP Utility for Reactor Evolution
  • VESTA Monte Carlo depletion interface code


Deterministic Radiation TransportEdit

Steady-state Reactor AnalysisEdit

Spatial KineticsEdit


Computational Fluid DynamicsEdit

Severe AccidentEdit

Many codes are supported by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The include SCALE, PARCS, TRACE (Formerly RELAP5 and TRAC-B), MELCOR, and many others.

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