Ministry of Climate and Environment (Norway)

The Royal Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment (Norwegian: Klima- og miljødepartementet, KLD) is a Norwegian ministry established on 8 May 1972. The Ministry of Climate and Environment has a particular responsibility for carrying out the climate and environmental policies of the Government. Before 2014 the name was Ministry of the Environment (Norwegian: Miljøverndepartementet).[1]

Royal Ministry of Climate and Environment
Det kongelige klima- og miljødepartementet
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Agency overview
Formed8 May 1972
JurisdictionGovernment of Norway
Minister responsible
Agency executive
  • Tom Rådahl, Secretary General
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It is led by the Minister of Climate and Environment, currently Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (Labour Party) since 2023. The ministry reports to the legislature (Storting).



Political staff


As of 20 November 2023, the political staff of the ministry is as follows[2]

  • Minister Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (Labour Party)
  • State Secretary Ragnhild Sjoner Syrstad (Labour Party)
  • State Secretary Kjersti Bjørnstad (Labour Party)
  • Political Adviser Maria Varteressian (Labour Party)



The ministry is divided into six departments and an information section:[3]

  • Department for Climate Change
  • Department for Cultural Heritage Management
  • Department for Marine Management and Pollution Control
  • Department for Nature Management
  • Department for Organizational Affairs
  • Department for Planning
  • Information section



Under the ministry there are five administrative agencies[4]

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