Norske Talenter (series 7)

The seventh series of the Norwegian talent show Norske Talenter was broadcast beginning on 18 August 2015. Mia Gundersen returned with three new judges: Bjarne Brøndbo, Suleman Malik and Linn Skåber. The host Solveig Kloppen also returned. The young guitarist Odin Landbakk was announced as winner on 27 November 2015; he was the first guitarist to win the show. Rapper Patrick Jørgensen finished as runner-up, and singing group Slogmåkane finished 3rd.

Norske Talenter
Season 7
Broadcast fromAugust 18 –
November 27, 2015
JudgesBjarne Brøndbo
Mia Gundersen
Suleman Malik
Linn Skåber
Host(s)Solveig Kloppen
BroadcasterTV 2
Odin Landbakk
Patrick Jørgensen

New additionsEdit

This series featured for the first time a golden buzzer which has been introduced into Got Talent shows worldwide: each judge can press once during the auditions, and if they press it the act which receives it goes straight through to the live shows. Linn Skåber golden buzzed songwriter and rapper Patrick Jørgensen, Bjarne Brøndbo golden buzzed young classical crossover singer Sigrid Haanshus, and Suleman Malik golden buzzed singer Ronia Keyvan.


  Third place
  Golden buzzer
Name of act Act Semi-final Result
Odin Landbakk 13 Year Old Guitarist 5 Winner
Patrick Jørgensen   Rapper 2 Runner-up
Slogmåkane Singing Group 4 3rd Place
Lars Hansen Opera Singer 1 Finalist (won public vote)
Zeven Up Dance Group 3 Finalist (won public vote)
Michael Xzwer Kildal Rapper 6 Finalist (won public vote)
Fusion Crew Dance Group 4 Finalist (won public vote)
Kari Høgh Arnesen Singer 2 Finalist (won public vote)
Aces Crew Dance Group 1 Finalist (won public vote)
Sigrid Haanshus   Singer 5 Finalist (won public vote)
Magne Poet 3 Finalist (won public vote)
Marius Grønsdal Singer 6 Finalist (won public vote)
Olav Elias And Amalie Singer 1 Eliminated
Eline Høyer Singer 1 Eliminated
Ronia Keyvan   Singer 1 Eliminated
Bueno Harpist 1 Eliminated
Svalnardo from Svalbard Circus Performers 1 Eliminated
Kevin André Boine Rapper 1 Eliminated
Zevin De Crosten Singer 1 Eliminated
Funk Dance Group 2 Eliminated
Mathias Nondal Lereim Beatboxer 2 Eliminated
Chris Pettersen viser Balancer 2 Eliminated
Michael Mendoza tryller Magician 2 Eliminated
Baba Soul & the Professors of Funk Singers 2 Eliminated
The Monday People Singers 2 Eliminated
Mats Knutsen Launchpad 3 Eliminated
Jocelyn Wana Singer 3 Eliminated
Flying Superkids Acrobats 3 Eliminated
Frode Bodin Singer And Guitarist 3 Eliminated
Carina Dancer 3 Eliminated
Omar & Fabe Rapper 3 Eliminated
Jenny Augusta Orchestra Singer 3 Eliminated
Marius Hantho Rapper 4 Eliminated
Jone Bjerga Singer 4 Eliminated
Fredrik Sandem Jensen Arrow Shooting 4 Eliminated
Benjamin Larsen Dancer 4 Eliminated
Hedda Johannesen leker Chemistry 4 Eliminated
Morten Samuelsen Singer 4 Eliminated
Fifi von tassel   Dancer 4 Eliminated
Rap4mation Rappers 5 Eliminated
Eldos Ghayret Singer 5 Eliminated
Helene Skaugen Belly Dancer 5 Eliminated
Erik Mogeno Ventriloquist 5 Eliminated
Aleksander & Mira Aerial Acrobatics 5 Eliminated
Ørjan Vatne Trio Singer 5 Eliminated
Oda Berg Opera Singer 5 Eliminated
Khattab Badraddin Magician 6 Eliminated
Benjamin Kittelsen Beatboxer 6 Eliminated
Skranglebein Rapper 6 Eliminated
Narthana Kaviyaa Dance Group 6 Eliminated
Rune Nordbye   Spoon Player 6 Eliminated
Mathias Lind Dancer 6 Eliminated
Timbersports Wood Chopping 6 Eliminated


The Semifinals started 16 October 2015 54 acts made it through from judges cuts. 9 acts perform each week with 6 Semifinals taking place 2 acts every week advance to the grand final on 27 November 2015. Each judge have a buzzer in front of them like previous series if an act reserves four x's the act will be over but everyone can still vote at home. Suleman Malik buzzed in semifinal 4 as he buzzed Fifi von tassel while Mia buzzed spoon player Rune Nordbye in semifinal 6.

Key   Buzzed

Semifinal 1Edit

Order Artist Act Buzzes Finished
Mia Bjarne Suleman Linn
1 Olav Elias And Amalie Dancers Eliminated
2 Eline Høyer Singer Eliminated
3 Ronia Keyvan Singer Eliminated
4 Bueno Harpist Eliminated
5 Lars Hansen Opera Singer Advanced
6 Svalnardo from Svalbard Circus Performers Eliminated
7 Kevin André Boine Rapper Eliminated
8 Zevin De Crosten Singer Eliminated
9 Aces Crew Dance Group Advanced

Semifinal 2Edit

Order Artist Act Buzzes Finished
Mia Bjarne Suleman Linn
1 Funk Dance Group Eliminated
2 Mathias Nondal Lereim Beatboxer Eliminated
3 Chris Pettersen viser Balancer Eliminated
4 Kari Høgh Arnesen Singer Advanced
5 Michael Mendoza tryller Magician Eliminated
6 Baba Soul & the Professors of Funk Singers Eliminated
7 Patrick Jørgensen Rapper Advanced
8 Baba Soul & the Professors of Funk Singers Eliminated
9 The Monday People Singers Eliminated

Semifinal 3Edit

Order Artist Act Buzzes Finished
Mia Bjarne Suleman Linn
1 Mats Knutsen Launchpad Winner Eliminated
2 Jocelyn Wana Singer Eliminated
3 Flying Superkids Acrobats Eliminated
4 Frode Bodin Singer And Guitarist Eliminated
5 Carina Dancer Eliminated
6 Omar & Fabe Rappers Eliminated
7 Magne Poet Advanced
8 Zeven Up Dance Group Advanced
9 Jenny Augusta Orchestra Singer Winner Eliminated

Semifinal 4Edit

Order Artist Act Buzzes Finished
Mia Bjarne Suleman Linn
1 Marius Hantho Rapper Eliminated
2 Jone Bjerga Singer Eliminated
3 Fredrik Sandem Jensen Arrow Shooting Eliminated
4 Benjamin Larsen Dancer Eliminated
5 Hedda Johannesen leker Chemistry Eliminated
6 Slogmåkane Singers Advanced
7 Morten Samuelsen Singer Eliminated
8 Fusion Crew Dancers Advanced
9 Fifi von tassel Dancer   Eliminated

Semifinal 5Edit

Order Artist Act Buzzes Finished
Mia Bjarne Suleman Linn
1 Rap4mation Rappers Eliminated
2 Eldos Ghayret Singer Eliminated
3 Helene Skaugen Belly Dancer Eliminated
4 Erik Mogeno Ventriloquist Eliminated
5 Aleksander & Mira Aerial Acrobatics Eliminated
6 Ørjan Vatne Trio Singer Eliminated
7 Oda Berg Opera Singer Eliminated
8 Odin Landbakk 13 Year Old Guitarist Advanced
9 Sigrid Haanshus Singer Advanced

Semifinal 6Edit

Order Artist Act Buzzes Finished
Mia Bjarne Suleman Linn
1 Khattab Badraddin Magician Eliminated
2 Benjamin Kittelsen Beatboxer Eliminated
3 Skranglebein Rapper Eliminated
4 Narthana Kaviyaa Dance Group Eliminated
5 Marius Grønsdal Singer Advanced
6 Rune Nordbye Spoon Player   Eliminated
7 Mathias Lind Dancer Eliminated
8 Michael Xzwer Kildal Rapper Advanced
9 Timbersports Wood Chopping Eliminated


Twelve acts reached the final round, which was broadcast on 27 November 2015.

Order Artist Act Finished
1 Lars Hansen Opera Singer Eliminated
2 Zeven Up Dance Group Eliminated
3 Michael Xzwer Kildal Rapper Eliminated
4 Fusion Crew Dancers Eliminated
5 Kari Høgh Arnesen Singer Eliminated
6 Odin Landbakk 13 Year Old Guitarist Winner
7 Aces Crew Dance Group Eliminated
8 Sigrid Haanshus Singer Eliminated
9 Slogmåkane Singing Band 3rd place
10 Patrick Jørgensen Rapper Runner-up
11 Magne Poet Eliminated
12 Marius Grønsdal Singer Eliminated