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Nishikajima Station (西鹿島駅, Nishikajima-eki) is a railway station located in Tenryū-ku, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, jointly operated by the private railroad company Enshū Railway and by the third sector Tenryū Hamanako Railroad.

Nishikajima Station

Nishi-Kajima Station.jpg
Nishikajima Station in February 2017
LocationNishi-Kashima, Tenryū-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken 431-3312
CoordinatesCoordinates: 34°50′48″N 137°48′30″E / 34.846741°N 137.808241°E / 34.846741; 137.808241
Operated by
Distance28.5 kilometers from Kakegawa
Platforms3 side platforms
Other information
WebsiteOfficial website
OpenedDecember 6, 1909
Previous namesKashima (to 1923); Enshū-Futamata (to 1938)
Passengers (FY2017)1,475 daily (Enshū); 271 (Tenryū)
Nishikajima Station is located in Shizuoka Prefecture
Nishikajima Station
Nishikajima Station
Location within Shizuoka Prefecture
Nishikajima Station is located in Japan
Nishikajima Station
Nishikajima Station
Nishikajima Station (Japan)


Nishikajima Station is a terminal station for the Enshū Railway Line and is located 17.8 kilometers from the opposing terminus of the line at Shin-Hamamatsu Station. It is also served by the Tenryū Hamanako Line and is 28.5 kilometers from the starting point of the line at Kakegawa Station.

Station layoutEdit

The Enshū Railway side of the station has two ground-level opposed side platforms. The Tenryū Hamanako portion of the station has a single side platform, although it previously had a second side platform which was used primarily for freight services. The platforms are connected by an underground passageway. The Enshū Railway portion of the station is staffed; however, the Tenryū Hamanako portion of the station is not.


1, 2  Enshū Railway Line for Hamakita, Shin-Hamamatsu
3  Tenryū Hamanako Line for Tenryū-Futamata, Enshū-Mori, Kakegawa
for Mikkabi, Shinjohara

Adjacent stationsEdit

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Station historyEdit

Nishi-Kashima Station opened on December 6, 1909 as the Kashima Station (鹿島駅) on the Nippon-kido (大日本軌道) Kashima Line. In 1943, as part of the wartime nationalization and consolidation of private railways, this line became part of the Enshū Railway Line. On April 1, 1923, the station was renamed Enshū-Futamata Station (遠州二俣駅), and (after nationalization) on March 1, 1938, was moved approximately 400 meters to the south, and given its present name.

On June 1, 1940, JNR's Futamata Line was extended from Enshū-Mori Station to Kanasashi Station, with an intermediate stop at Nishi-Kashima Station. Scheduled freight services were discontinued from June 1970. After the privatization of JNR on March 15, 1987, the station came under the control of the Tenryū Hamanako Line.

Passenger statisticsEdit

In fiscal 2017, the Enshū Railway portion of the station was used by an average of 1,475 passengers daily and the Tenryū Hamanako port of the station was used by 272 passengers daily (boarding passengers only). [1]

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