Niagara Fall (Réunion)

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Niagara Fall is a waterfall in the commune of Sainte-Suzanne on the island of Réunion.[1] Its height is approximately 25 metres (82 ft).

Niagara Fall
Niagara Falls on Réunion
Niagara Fall (Réunion) is located in Réunion
Niagara Fall (Réunion)
LocationSainte-Suzanne, Réunion
Coordinates20°55′15″S 55°36′14″E / 20.9207°S 55.6038°E / -20.9207; 55.6038Coordinates: 20°55′15″S 55°36′14″E / 20.9207°S 55.6038°E / -20.9207; 55.6038
Total height25 m
WatercourseSainte-Suzanne river

It is of easy access by car, and its pool is a popular picnic place on weekends and holidays.[2]


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